ERx Change & Cancel

Your latest version of RxBLU™ contains the latest eRx message types, Change & Cancel.  Please review below for more information.

RX Change Message Details


An RxChangeRequest message is originated by the pharmacy to request a change to a new or fillable prescription.


Response types for RxChange are; Approved, ApprovedWithChanges, Denied, and Validated.


An RxChangeRequest may be sent with the following:

  • Generic Substitution - may be used to request a prescriber allow the dispensing of a generic medication.

  • Prior Authorization Required - may be used to request a prescriber review the drug requested and obtain a prior authorization from the payer for the existing prescription.

    • Note: The PriorAuthorization RxChangeResponse, unlike the other responses, is not considered a fillable message, cannot be used for medication changes, and does not have to be digitally signed.

  • Therapeutic Interchange/Substitution - may be used to request a prescriber authorize a therapy change to the original prescription.

  • DUE – Drug Use Evaluation - may be used to request a prescriber authorize a change to an alternative medication that will have fewer, or no, adverse effects than the original prescription.

  • Script Clarification - may be used to request a prescriber clarify the original prescription.

  • Out of Stock - may be used to request a prescriber authorize a change to the original prescription due to the pharmacy being out of stock of the requested medication.

  • Prescriber Authorization - may be used to request prescriber authorization information, such as confirming their DEA number or enrollment with the prescription benefit plan. The “Validated” RxChangeResponse type is only used when responding to this type of request.


Cancel Rx and Cancel Rx Response Message(s)


This message is originated by the prescriber system as a CancelRx.

The CancelRx is used to notify the pharmacy that a previously sent prescription should be cancelled and not filled.


The CancelRxResponse is sent from the pharmacy to the prescriber system in response to a CancelRx.