RxBLU™ pharmacy software gives your independent pharmacy every advantage of modern technology, including security, backups, and affordable prices. Thanks to the fact that our pharmacist software uses our CloudCore™ technology, we can offer you services that other pharmacy software developers simply cannot. We want to help your pharmacy thrive and empower you to give your patients the very best care. Choose RxBLU™, the best pharmacy software around, for the following advantages:

Automated Backups

Don’t worry about losing important information. We keep our data off-site and back it up every night so it can be restored in minutes no matter the circumstances.

Automated Reporting and Archiving Each Night

RxBLU™ independent pharmacy software runs and archives daily reports and can even submit PMP for you. You’ll save time and money.

Cost Savings

Our Cloud-based pharmacy software means you don’t have to fund an in-house server and all the maintenance required to keep it running at its best.

Data Security

We not only make it easy for you to access your data securely from anywhere and at any time, but we also use cutting-edge security systems to keep your data protected and HIPAA-compliant.

Mobile Pharmacy

Whether you’re in a remote location or a natural disaster has compromised your regular computer systems, RxBLU™ MobileSite™ makes it possible to keep serving your patients. All you need is internet connectivity.

Updates in Real Time

We save you time and money by updating prices and clinical information every day. You don’t have to handle all the busy work of keeping the information up-to-date.

We’re excited to show you just how powerful our software can be for your pharmacy. Want to see if RxBLU™ independent pharmacy software is right for you? Schedule a pharmacy software consultation in your pharmacy to see how RxBLU™ can help your company today.

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