Unlike pharmacy software you’ll get from big companies, our solutions can be customized to serve multiple arrays of operations — including yours. We’ve worked hard to build out a suite that forms the perfect foundation for your pharmacy, nursing home, or family medical office. Housed in the Cloud and backed up every night, this is a pharmacy management software system made by pharmacists for pharmacists, and it has more than 100 years of combined experience behind it.


You won’t find a more current product in the pharmacy software industry today. Designed to fully meet the needs of pharmacists and their staff, our retail product is intuitive, quick and secure.

Long-Term Care

Take your nursing home management to the next level with our Long Term Care system! We make you faster and more accurate with our reporting and batch filling. We also help you keep MAR and PO forms current and can interface with eMAR, SureMed, and Dispill.

IVR BLU™ VOIP Solution

Experience true empowerment with a pharmacy software system that gives you 24-hour connectivity, automated answering and ordering, and even custom calls promoting special offers. Our independent pharmacy software integrates easily with any existing phone system and carrier.

BLU Mobile™

Web refills from any mobile device or desktop CPU allowing patients the ability to access their profiles and post refill requests directly into pharmacy workflow, in Beta.


Proprietary POS system operating via a web browser on any OS platform.  We offer revenue sharing to keep more of your hard earned money where it belongs.

BLU Transport™

Delivery module allowing Rxs to be placed into a delivery queue and then posted to any Windows tablet for patient distribution.


There are no limits on this system, which is designed to be completely customizable to your unique operation.  We work with Specialty Pharmacies large and small customizing our software to the the solution to your needs.

Technician School

Proud California State University partner!  We ensure staff and management have the skills to handle multiple scenarios including prescribing and online adjudication cases.  Enjoy our training system at a reduced price!


You’ll love our HIPAA-compliant, industry-leading server system that can handle any sized daily script volume. Additionally, you can securely access your data at any time from anywhere.


A full chain of stores can thrive off a single database solution that offers flexibility and security at the same time.

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