RxBLU™ Benefits

We’re proud to provide current pharmacy software solutions that can be customized to suit your unique, independent pharmacy’s needs. When you choose RxBLU™, you can move quickly and serve your patients with unparalleled excellence. Learn more about the benefits you’ll enjoy when you choose us!

Pharmacy Concierge Customer Care™
You need a pharmacy software company that will respond when you need to troubleshoot or customize your system and that puts you first.  See why customers rave about our customer service when you choose RxBLU™.

Affordable SaaS and Traditional Pricing
We want you to pay for exactly what you need, which is why we offer competitive licensing fees, new store discounts, and bundled incentives. You don’t have to worry about third-party annual license costs or hidden fees.

We’re proud to help train up future pharmacists by making our full program available to institutions.  This creates a live pharmacy environment and gives future technicians the opportunity to learn how to handle a wide array of situations.

Emergency Preparedness
RxBLU™ operates out of a remote environment, making it easy to offer uninterrupted care to patients even when there’s been a natural or unforeseen disaster.  Integrate RxBLU™ pharmacy software into your emergency plan, and we’ll be the most dependable part of it.

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