RxBLU™ Experience

Too many pharmacists waste time every day dealing with cumbersome pharmacy software that isn’t intuitive or efficient.  The RxBLU™ Experience returns precious time back to you so you can then enjoy more of your day taking care of your patients.  Pharmacies using RxBLU™ enjoy the simplified and lightning fast filling process that operates 100% in the CLOUD.  


Experience these features;

  • Your data secured off-site in the cloud.  

  • Automated nightly backups that can be restored in minutes.

  • Mobile connectivity when needed.

  • Real-time price & clinical updates.  

  • See a daily history of Rxs filled on each CPU

  • Use tabs to quickly see pending refills, ERx queue, parked or items on hold.  

  • Unlimited patient payer plans that can be added during the filling process.  

  • Adherence and Star Rating.  

  • Synchronization.  

  • Auto Fill

  • Long Term Care/Nursing Home

  • Pharmacist Verification/Checking module

  • Multiple language support


  • RxBLU POS™

  • All this and much more.