Full featured, automated phone

answering and ordering system


Provides patients 24-hour connectivity to their prescription information and ordering.  Our IVR solution offers 100% up time with automated answering and ordering done by your custom configuration and recorded messaging.  Works with traditional phone line or VOIP connectivity.


  • Customized recordings and adjustable message options.

  • Call forwarding to any internal or external number.

  • Set thresholds to drive outbound calling for Rxs not yet picked up or custom calls to promote special offers.

  • All messages left by patients and providers can be easily played back from IVR client application.

  • Our traditional/VOIP integration works with any carrier and existing phone system.

  • Proprietary software removes the IVR third party company/middle-man.

Using our Cloud Core Technology, your phone is never down!



Let RxBLU VOIP IVR answer the phone for you.

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