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Cloud Pharmacy Management


Secure cloud based software

Simple conversion saving you time and money

Customizable for your unique pharmacy needs

All the solutions you need for your pharmacy to succeed

RxBLU™ Pharmacy Management Software

Robust management solution tailored to your needs​

RxBLU™ Integrated Point of Sale

Managing all your pharmacy's sales from Rxs to front-end.​

RxBLU™ TelePharmacy

Effortlessly manage one to many pharmacy satellite locations.


Customizable in and outbound cloud phone solution.

RxBLU™ API Intelligence™

API solutions customized to your unique needs.

Save time and regain control of  your pharmacy with RxBLU™

Simple Switch™ Conversion

Connect to your data in the cloud weeks before go-live for advanced training.

Recycle existing hardware

Our goal is to save you money by using as much of your existing hardware as possible

No expensive in-house server.

With your data more secure in the cloud, your existing in-house server becomes obsolete.

Life is too short to use antiquated software with poor support

With more fees and responsibilities assigned to you everyday, now is the time to save money and worry less with a software provider that listens to your suggestions and desires to build a great relationship for years to come.


Ready to learn more? Schedule a free consultation today to learn more about the advantages of our software and how it can be tailored to your pharmacy's unique needs!

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