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Life is too short to use antiquated

software with poor support.

Waiting for a call back is not fun.

Don’t get held back by your current software vendor.

You deserve more from your pharmacy software.

Save time and regain control of 

your pharmacy with RxBLU™

Simple Switch™ Conversion

  •  Connect to your data in the cloud weeks before go-live for advanced training.

Recycle existing hardware

  • Our goal is to save you money by using as much of your existing hardware as possible

No expensive in-house sever.

  • With your data more secure in the cloud, your existing in-house server becomes obsolete.


We don't just care about pharmacy,

we care about you!

Happy pharmacies using RxBLU™ Coast to Coast.

Millions or Rxs filled.

Hundreds of customer suggestions implemented.

Simple Immunization™

All the products you need 

for your pharmacy to succeed.

RxBLU™ Pharmacy Management Software

Robust management solution tailored to your needs

RxBLU™ Integrated Point of Sale

Managing all your pharmacy's sales from Rxs to



Customizable in and outbound cloud phone solution.

RxBLU™ API Intelligence™

API solutions customized to you unique needs.


We're ready to get started,

are you...?

Proudly independently owned!

Simple Switch™ Conversion


Enjoy Pharmacy Concierge™ Client Care World-Class support

Be the Pharmacy leader in your community!


Stop stressing out about your pharmacy software

and breeze through Everyday using RxBLU™

With more fees and responsibilities assigned to you everyday, now is the time to save money and worry less with a software provider that listens to your suggestions and desires to build a great relationship for years to come.

How Can we help?

RxBLU™ Cloudcast Episode now available via the Pharmacy Podcast Network. 

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Delivering care, getting paid and finding & engaging patients are all complicated propositions in today’s challenging healthcare environment.  RxBLU™ makes the business of running an Independent Pharmacy easier and more rewarding.


And when a pharmacy runs better, patients feel it!

pharmacist chemist woman demonstrating c

"I am a consultant pharmacist for an independent specialty pharmacy that uses Cypress Software. I use a few different software programs at the pharmacies I work for and I am most impressed with Cypress Software. The #1 benefit of using Cypress Software is the customer service, literally any questions are responded to within MINUTES. They are always up for the challenge when we request customization of the software to fit the workflow in our very specialized field of pharmacy (hemophilia). 5 stars!
~ Lori H."


"We just recently update our pharmacy software to RxBLU by Cypress Software. During the transition the tech support was AMAZING. The software has a lot of time saving features. The E-Scripts are filled from one screen, type in the name and all scripts for that patient come up together. No searching by date only name. In the pay screen you can bill multiple insurances without leaving that screen. Every denial can be addressed in the pay screen. Filling a prescription from beginning to end takes seconds.
~Julie H."


Pharmacy Concierge Client Care™

If you’re not receiving the highest quality customer care, receiving a slow/no response, or feel your existing software vendor is letting you down, then you are in the right place!

Here's what our customers are saying...

"They cater to all pharmacies and provide a simple, user-friendly software that helps keep things organized and easier to manage.  Can't say enough how great the service is!
~Brian D."