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RxBLU™ is the most modern and technologically advanced product within the Independent Pharmacy space today.  Our CLOUD design and pharmacy flow compliments the need of pharmacists and their staff.  Our philosophy is to be as thorough as possible which is why we created our Central Fusion display that provides all information needed to fill prescriptions accurately and quickly!


The advantages of cloud connectivity are infinite and include:

Secure connection from anywhere at any time, preparing you for all situations

Automated nightly backups ready to be restored in minutes

Cost savings by not utilizing expensive in-house servers

RxBLU™ IVR System

Our full-featured, automated phone answering and ordering system provides patients with 24/7 connection to their prescription information. Our IVR solution offers custom configuration and recorded messaging that is available day and night. Our system works with traditional phone line or VOIP connectivity.


Using our cloud technology, your phone system will never be down — it's secure, trusted, and reliable! Our IVR system benefits include: 

Automation of outbound calls for prescription pickups or custom promotions

Easy playback of any patient or provider messages

Call forwarding to any internal or external number

Integration with any existing phone system

Proprietary software that removes the IVR third-party company


Change the way you get paid — introducing 100% FREE credit card processing! With recent law changes and the advancement of proprietary software, your pharmacy can accept credit cards for FREE! RxBLU™ POS introduces zero fee credit card processing!

RxBLU POS offers the most competitive rates for credit card processing in the industry

Receive MS Windows™ tablet provided for all your retail lanes

Pass the service fee to customers while providing a discount to those who pay with cash

Immunization Tracking

Easily bill and track immunizations using RxBLU™. 

Enhanced patient care with knowledge of their vaccine schedule status

RxBLU Smart Billing dynamically populates required data for insurance reimbursement

Real time reporting to all state registries, with a single button click

Simple vaccine reporting that can be shared with the patient

RxBLU Simple Switch Conversion

We've made converting your pharmacy software easier than every with our Simple Switch Conversion™. Our conversion solution has been so successful that the majority of our installations do not require an on-site trainer, resulting in an additional and significant cost savings. Using our Simple Switch Conversion™, you will be provided with:

Early training for all pharmacy staff

The ability to test drive the system weeks before go-live date

Access to your data in-house via our cloud connected sandbox


Schedule a free consultation today to learn more about the advantages of our software and how it can be tailored to your pharmacy's unique needs!

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