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Pharmacy Concierge Client Care™

Cypress recognized the need to provide a better user experience and has made this one of our core business values.  Our beyond World-class support sets us apart from all other pharmacy software vendors, and we’re excited to show you the Pharmacy Concierge Client Care™ difference.


Unlike other pharmacy software vendors who leave you to sink or swim with little support, we’re here for you every step of the way. We respond quickly when you need help, sticking with you until the issue is resolved, and making sure you’re getting the customized service you deserve. From basic questions to in-depth customization, we make it happen.


When you choose RxBLU™, here are a few examples of what's included:



It’s absolutely essential that your pharmacy software be able to handle your unique needs. If it’s time to change things up, we’re here to help you find the best solution for your budget and operations.



When you have an issue, it’s our issue, too. We’ll respond quickly and work with you to find the right solution. 



We go the extra mile and are always glad to work with you, your ISP, and your local IT company to maximize your internet services.

New Location

Opening a new location can be challenging.  The good news is that you are not in this alone.  Cypress has enjoyed participating in helping many stores navigate through the startup process, through opening day and continuing to work with these clients to ensure continued prosperity. Creating long lasting relationships with a personal touch is our ongoing goal and commitment to you.  

At the end of the day, we’re not just pharmacy software developers; we’re people who want to make a difference. Our team has over a century of combined experience in the pharmacy software industry, and works hard to keep ahead of industry mandates. Choose the allies who will answer when you call, go the extra mile for you, and help you serve your patients.


We're proud to help train future pharmacists by making our full program available to institutions. This creates a live pharmacy environment and gives future technicians the opportunity to learn how to handle an array of situations. 

We are a proud California State University partner! We ensure staff and management have the skills to handle multiple scenarios including prescribing and online adjudication cases. Enjoy our training system at a reduced price!

Why RxBLU™?

As our industry evolves, your needs and best interests are our primary focus. Independent pharmacies that use our solution daily realize that we stay ahead of all mandated industry timelines.  Clients enjoy RxBLU™ not only because it is filled with the latest technologies, but also because of the intuitive, pharmacist recommended enhancements we enjoy hearing about and implementing. Many of the software products available today are owned and operated by large organizations that are not pharmacy related or have pharmacists on staff. We are privately owned by pharmacists and industry professionals that continually work to provide you with the best our industry has to offer. 


Ready to experience our services firsthand? Schedule a free consultation today to learn more about the advantages of our software and how it can be tailored to your pharmacy's unique needs!

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