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RxBLU™ Pharmacy Software

Our pharmacy management software is designed to optimize your pharmacy, helping it run faster and smoother than ever before. With our CLOUD-based pharmacy software, you’ll never have to worry about storage issues or stumbling to try and find patient records.  We designed RxBLU™ to be easy to use for everyone, so even those that aren’t as tech savvy be able to successfully use the software. With RxBLU™, all of the client information you need is at your fingertips, and can be easily accessed via our Central Fusion design.​

Consistently scalable and automated where it counts

Comes with incredible customer support via our Pharmacy Concierge Customer Care

Built from the ground up to empower pharmacists and their staff

About Us

Based in Southern California, Cypress Software, Inc. is a team of developers, pharmacists and pharmacy owners with more than a century of combined industry experience. We created RxBLU™ because we wanted to make a real difference for hardworking pharmacists and their staff. By providing software that is built upon your ideas,  we make it easy for you to serve your patients no matter the circumstances.

When it comes to pharmacy software, too much of it is outdated except for changes required by law. It makes it possible for you to get by, but there’s no reason to settle for that. Instead, choose to become a leader with our cutting-edge software. Thanks to its innovative and customizable nature, our software can help in a diverse array of applications while performing consistently and securely.


Let's chat! Schedule a free consultation today to learn more about the advantages of our software and how it can be tailored to your pharmacy's unique needs!

RxBLU™ Experience

Too many pharmacists waste time every day dealing with cumbersome pharmacy software that isn’t intuitive or efficient.  The RxBLU™ Experience returns precious time back to you so you can then enjoy more of your day taking care of your patients.  Pharmacies using RxBLU™ enjoy the simplified and lightning fast filling process that operates 100% in the cloud.  


Experience these features when you partner with us:

  • Your data secured off-site in the cloud

  • Automated nightly backups that can be restored in minutes

  • Mobile connectivity when needed

  • Real-time price & clinical updates 

  • See a daily history of Rxs filled on each CPU

  • Use tabs to quickly see pending refills, ERx queue, parked or items on hold 

  • Unlimited patient payer plans that can be added during the filling process 

  • Adherence and Star Rating

  • Synchronization

  • Auto Fill

  • Long Term Care/Nursing Home

  • Pharmacist Verification/Checking module

  • Multiple language support


  • RxBLU POS™

  • All this and much more

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