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Benefits of Using a Cloud-Based System

What Does Cloud-Based Software Mean?

If you read our previous blog, you’ve learned that a cloud-based system is a broad term for anything that involves delivering hosted services via the internet.¹ This means your data is stored in “the cloud” rather than in your on-site server. RxBLU is the most modern and technologically advanced product within the independent pharmacy space today with our cloud-based pharmacy management system. Our cloud design and pharmacy flow complement the need of pharmacists and their staff while allowing cost savings, secure connection, and pharmacy concierge customer care. Continue reading to learn the benefits of using a cloud-based system like RxBLU.

Choosing a Pharmacy Management System

Choosing a pharmacy management system is one of the biggest decisions a pharmacy owner may have when deciding how they want to run their operation. And as Dr. Lisa Faast stated, “your pharmacy management system is the most intimate part of your pharmacy, it is literally something you are touching every single day and is going to have a huge factor in determining your future, your destiny, how easy you get access to data, the kinds of services you want to offer.” As Faast also touches - each pharmacist and their staff have their own set of unique needs and wants when it comes to running their pharmacy. What works great for one pharmacy may not support the needs of another.²

What makes RxBLU stand out from the competition? Not only do we bring cutting-edge, cloud-based software that suits the needs of pharmacy today, but our platform is entirely customizable for YOUR pharmacy’s unique needs.

Benefits of Using a Cloud-Based System

Data Security

A big advantage cloud-based systems have over on-site servers is they’re less likely to get hacked. The most common way hackers get into networks is through phishing and email-borne threats. These attacks most commonly enter through user workstations and rarely come directly through the server environment. When you host via the cloud, all your workstations are thoroughly segmented from where the data lives.³

Automatic Backups

When you move your data to the cloud, it is stored securely in multiple independent data centers. If one center happens to go down, your data will migrate to another center automatically. Most on-site systems only have two physical servers that migrate over to one another, which isn’t helpful if there’s a natural disaster or a large network outage in your area.³ With the RxBLU Experience, your data is automatically backed up each night and can easily be restored within minutes.

Disaster Recovery

While there may be no way for you to prevent or anticipate the disasters that could potentially harm your pharmacy, there is something you can do to help speed your recovery. Cloud-based software provides quick data recovery for all kinds of emergency scenarios. While 20% of cloud-based users claim disaster recovery in four hours or less, only 9% of non-cloud-based users could claim the same.⁴

Cost Savings

Although the upfront cost of buying hardware can be costly, with a cloud-based system, there is also no expensive in-house server to purchase. If switching from a previous PMS, RxBLU will be able to analyze your current equipment to see if we can utilize it to save you money. Or trying to control your startup costs? Our Pharmacy Concierge Customer Care can work with you to minimize as much cost as possible and get the hardware that gives you the most bang for your buck. You can rest assured you are investing in technologically advanced software as well and know that you won’t already be behind in a couple of years.

Mobility and Flexibility

The cloud-based system allows you to access your data via smartphones and other devices, allowing mobility and flexibility to when and where you work. This ensures everyone has up-to-date information, whether they’re at the office or on the go.

The RxBLU Experience

Our PMS is designed to optimize your pharmacy, helping it run faster and smoother than ever before. With our cloud-based software, you’ll never have to worry about storage issues or difficulty finding patient records. We designed RxBLU to be easy for EVERYONE, even those who can’t claim to be tech-savvy. With RxBLU, all of the client information you need is at your fingertips!

Learn more about our solutions here, and our one-of-a-kind Pharmacy Concierge Customer Care here. Or contact us today to schedule a consultation with our team!


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