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Customer Support that ACTUALLY Answers the Phone?!

You know the drill… you are in a bind, and you need customer support’s help, and FAST! But instead of getting quick and easy help, you are trying to talk to a robot or placed on hold for too long. It’s a frustration we’ve all experienced and why RxBLU wanted to be different.

RxBLU recognized the need to provide a better user experience and has made it one of our core business values. Unlike other pharmacy software vendors who set you up and leave you to sink or swim with little support, we’re here for you every step of the way. Our beyond world-class support sets us apart from all other vendors. We respond quickly when you need help, sticking with you until the issue is resolved, and making sure you’re getting the customized service you deserve. When you choose RxBLU, you’re also choosing our Pharmacy Concierge Customer Care and whether you have a basic question or an in-depth customization - we will make it happen!

Here are a just a few examples of what you receive when you choose RxBLU and our Pharmacy Concierge Customer Care:


When you call, we answer. You don’t need to push a number or say “customer service” to talk to us. When you sign up with RxBLU, we believe that we’re a team and will collaborate closely with you. Our friendly customer service reps will answer when you call, and we truly believe that when you have a problem it’s our problem and we will work closely with you to solve it.


It’s essential that your pharmacy software be able to handle your unique needs. If it’s time to change a feature or upgrade, we’re here to help you find the best solution for your budget and operations. Just like how you have unique solutions to all your different patients needs, we will provide unique solutions to your operational needs.

Good Relationships

We don’t just set up your software and never touch base with you again. We believe in good customer relationships and will always be ready to work closely with you to make things work effectively and efficiently. Our team gets to know our customers and wants to hear about how we can make things better!


We are able and willing to enhance our services based on your needs and we understand we can’t do that alone. Not only will our team work closely with you, but we will work with your ISP and your local IT company to maximize your internet services.

Why RxBLU?

Cypress Software, Inc. is a team of developers, pharmacists, and pharmacy owners. We understand your struggles because we’ve been there. We’ve needed customer support’s help and were unable to get an actual representative on the phone when we needed it most. We created RxBLU because we wanted to make a real difference for hardworking pharmacists and their staff.

Our software and services are built upon YOUR ideas, making it easy for you to serve your patients under any circumstances. Not only can our software help in diverse ways, but our customer service is willing to handle whatever you throw their way as well.

We understand this isn’t an easy choice or switch to make. That’s why we offer free consultations where you can schedule a time with our customer service team to demo our software and ask any questions you may have regarding our solutions or services.

If you’re ready or thinking about taking your pharmacy software and customer service to the next level – contact us today!

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